Thursday, May 7, 2009

That didn't last long

Well, guess it was stupid to believe... Perhaps I'm not done being naive after all.

Tomorrow is beta day and we're going to be flying down to NC for my sister's graduation. I couldn't bare the thought of receiving our news in the airport, so I took a HPT this morning. (Even though I'm dead set against them and have never NEVER gotten a positive result from anything I've peed on.)

One line. One f*cking little line. I loathe pee sticks.

It's not supposed to be this hard.


  1. You're right - it's not. I'm sorry. Fingers still crossed for better news tomorrow.

  2. Ohhh I dont know you but if you can stand a hug from a stranger who knows EXACTLY how you feel here's one for you *hug*

  3. Im so sorry...and yes, pee sticks are the devil. And no, its not supposed to be this hard-hoping for better pee sticks soon!

  4. Aww I'm sorry :( *hug* I'm hating pee sticks along with you.

  5. Sorry about that stupid one-line test.... stupid test... it's probably faulty... +++ Vibes for your beta.. And no it's not supposed to be this hard, but for some reason the ones who would make the best mommies have the hardest time...

  6. THat really sucks. That just sucks.

    Flipping the bird in the direction of the universe on your behalf.

    So sorry.


  7. Just stopping in to see how you're doing. Hope everything is ok.