Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Journey

I always knew that my reproductive organs were going to give me trouble. It all started when I needed BCP to 'start' having AF at the age of 16. I warned my husband before we got married that conception was likely to be a struggle, if we'd only known just how much... Here's our story so far:

7/03 - married a wonderful man known here as E.

4/04 - bought cute ranch house and started to fix it up. Loving life as newlyweds.

4/07 - made decision (with understanding from GYN to see her again in 3 months) to toss BCP and started to plan a 2nd story to house all our soon-to-be children.

7/07 - no period. No ovulation. Have peeded on something everyday for the last three months. GYN runs tests, horomones have flatlined. Possible PCOS? Prescribes Clomid.

8/07 - 2 cycles of Clomid almost ends our marriage as I turn into a raving lunatic who screams at husband for breathing too loudly. Still no period. Still no ovulation. Get referal for RE.

10/07 - RE is a wonderful doctor who runs a multitude of tests.

1/08 - dx: annovulatory PCOS tx: IUI with injectibles

2/08 - IUI cycle #1 converts to IVF #1 due to overstimulation and too many follicles. 19 eggs are retrieved, 9 fertilize, 2 transfer, none to freeze.

3/08 - Positive results. Both our embryos stick around. Overjoyed to be having twins.

4/08 - construction begins on the 2nd story.

7/08 - on our babymoon in the Bahamas, I go into PTL. Water breaks. Deliver at 22 weeks. Our beautiful baby girls, Rebecca & Maria, now live only in our thoughts and hearts.

8/08 - grief and numbness cloud the passing days.

11/08 - construction continues to drag on slowly. The month that should have seen us bringing home our babies to our beautiful home, instead find us emtpy and crying in a room with no walls or carpet that would have been a nursery.

12/08 - we fire the GC and continue the work ourselves.

1/09 - IUI #2 with injectibles - BFN

2/09 - IUI #3 with injectibles again converts to IVF #2. 17 retrieved, 10 fertilize, ET cancelled due to OHSS, 4 embryos of questionable quality frozen.

3/09 - construction is complete. House is beautiful. And empty.

4/09 - FET #1 - transfer two frosties - BFN

6/09 - FET #2 - transfer two frosties - Chemical PG

8/09 - IVF #3 - 19 retrieved, 10 fertilize, transfer 2 gorgeous 8-cell embryos on Day 3, none to freeze. BFP! Expecting boy/girl twins!

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  1. Omg. I can only imagine what you are going through. ((hugs))