Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So once again, I'm reminded of the futility of counting on ANYTHING happening the way I thought it would. IF just does not follow any rules or plans. Even when I KNOW something, it can turn out a year later to be the opposite...

So last year, for our cycle that created our girls, we were transferred to a different clinic because ours sprung a leak and they had to close their ORs. (I know, crazy, right?) After our ET, we received a letter saying that the one embryo they were watching didn't make it to freeze. I was slightly saddened, but as I was pg with twins, I was focused on other things. Last month, I get a bill from the other clinic for $800 to keep our one embryo around for another year... What?!? Apparently, it's just been hanging out over there, and no one at my clinic knew about it and neither did I. So now we have this dilemma about what to do with it! My clinic doesn't except transfers from outside locations because the mediums to freeze are different and my RE doesn't like doing cryo-cycles for only one embryo and I can't seem to let go of the idea that perhaps THAT is the egg. And that little popsicle is brother or sister to Rebecca and Maria. I also can't keep paying $800 a year!

Currently, I was waiting for my new protocol for a fresh cycle. Of course, once again, today, I'm replanning everything because my insurance said frozen not fresh as I still have 2 embryos at my clinic from my last fresh cycle that was cancelled due to ohss. Now, I'm thinking... perhaps I'll do frozen, but instead use that little one over at the other clinic.

What absolute craziness. Maybe I should just stop making plans altogether! I have an appt with RE next Thursday. I guess it'll all just fester in my mind until we make a decision then.

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