Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I'm all excited and had to share this with someone...

I'm going to be making plaster flowers with my class this year!! I tried it once before (2 years ago) and it was a disaster. However, I think I just fond the solution to the construction problem -- not enough support from the base so everything 'wilted' and refused to stand up. Now, I'm using a cup upside down with a hole cut in it. I tried it this afternoon with the plaster and it works like a charm!!

I think we'll start them next week and then move onto plaster then tissue paper... It so perfectly ties into our plant unit. It's going to be crazy and a ton of stress, but I just know the kids are going to love it! And really, that's what it's all about.


  1. Sweet. Love me some flowers. Pics must be posted when they're done. I'd love to see them. And plants are cool with their easy-peasy hormones that control growth...go meristems! Haha. I'm a nerd. Glad you found something fun to do. *cheers*

  2. What's a plaster flower and how do you make it? (always looking for a few ideas)

  3. That sounds like a dilemma - I would find it hard to let go of an embie.