Saturday, August 29, 2009

Transfer Day

Today was transfer day. It just so happened that it was also the exact same day (and time) of Ted Kennedy's funeral, which was taking place right next door to the medical area. We were concerned about traffic, we left 45 minutes early, and arrived at the hospital an hour early. Oops! Where was the traffic??

I can't complain though. This whole cycle has been too good to believe. It's like I was saying to the wonderful RN, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Looks like it is still on though! Transfer went incredibly easily, even though I seem to have developed a curve in my cervix all of a sudden. It was actually the least painful transfer yet! Plus, the embryos we transferred were beautiful. I mean, I know I'm biased and all that... But seriously, these were gorgeous. (As a side note, I think it's funny that I can now identify good embryos by sight. I actually gasped when they showed us the photo before describing the quality. The embryologist was concerned, but I followed up with saying "They are beautiful" and she smiled. She said they were too!)

So, here I sit, with my two lovelies back inside... Sending them good nurturing thoughts and love and hoping to hell they decide to stick around for the long haul of nine months. Please little ones, I love you already, stay with me.


  1. oOoOo good luck! Hoping that the bootiful lil embies find they like their surroundings and decided to stick around for 9 months or so!!


  2. I just beamed reading this! I'm so happy for you. Hoping and praying for continued smooth sailing :) (And of course a bfp!!!)

  3. I am crossing all of my crossables for you!! After my transfer I was on bedrest for 2 days, I couldn't even raise my head above 2 pillows. I also elevated my feet. Take it easy at least until your beta (bfp of course!) and ignore symptoms, you will just drive yourself crazy doing that! Good luck and I will be looking for that bfp post!

  4. Here from LFCA - I wanted to stop by and wish you luck. We're hoping to do our first FET after our July stillbirth (Maddie was conceived via IVF) this coming November, so your story is very similar to mine.

    The best of luck to you on this day - take it easy and blessings to you!

  5. Just wonderful! This was exactly the news I was hoping to read once I got back home. =)

    My thoughts are with you during this tww!

  6. Congrats on your two beautiful embryos and good luck!!

    (from LFCA)

  7. yipee, I am still a few step behind you but, had a minor detour this week. So happy for you though and congrats on a smooth transfer