Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Wedding

E and I are off to The City this weekend. (For all who are unaware...there is apparently only ONE city in the nation that exists: NYC, or at least that is the case to those who live there. Haha)

We are going for a wedding of an old dear friend of mine... A friend who is, in fact, the only ex-boyfriend I ever managed to stay friends with. I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful. And the weather this weekend is supposed to be perfect. I'm very much looking forward to packing everything (stress, worries, all negative emotions) away in a little box, leaving it here, and just ENJOYING the weekend.

I think I will actually be able to do that because we now (FINALLY) have a plan. Monday I'll start Lupron for a FET. We'll be transferring over the one little embie so it will be hanging out with the other frozen ones, giving us a choice of 3. Of course as nothing in my life is uncomplicated, the two are day 3 while the one is day 6. This could mean a possible double transfer depending on the thaw quality. It's like this huge ridiculous matrix of possibilities (which I can go into later) but the bottom line is that I can sleep easy again for two months because every possible scenario is mapped out! Man am I Type A or what?

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm pretty sure mine will be excellent!

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