Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Head vs Body

There is a war being fought within myself. My head has logically convinced itself that given the low odds of success due to the quality of the embryos, our FET did not work. My body (which is also all hopped up on drugs) has gone to the other extreme, so much so that I'm experiencing all kinds of pregnancy symptoms. I desperately want to believe what my body is telling me... but I can't ignore my head whispering about odds and statistics.

I'm torn. I waver from believing one to believing the other. I'd love to be courageous enough to just pee on a stick, but I'm not. I'm more scared of HPTs now than I was of the monster under my bed when I was 6.

I'll just continue to fight my internal battle until Friday... When my blood will provide the winner the ability to say "Told you so."


  1. My friend gave me a note once during a low mind vs body moment. It said something a long the line of how your mind tells you to go the gym but your body tells you it will kill you if you do. I dont remember it exactly, but it made me smile. I think you should pick what you want (obviously that the FET worked) and then beat the hell out of the one that is the naysayer. It's how I deal with my faulty cervix. Every time I get those "my cervix is going to bust this stitch", I just tell the bitch that she isnt going to win. Even if I'm wrong, at least I feel better in the moment.

    Fingers crossed for you...

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