Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time flies...

Where does the time go these days? You'd think I'd be bored out of my mind since I stopped working 5 weeks ago... But instead I find myself content to putter around the house, making small forays into the world to pick up yarn or face lotion or new towels (all actual errands from the past two weeks.)

I find that I actually have been spending less time on the computer now that I have all this free time. I'm still reading all my usual blogs, but it seems that everyone else is now reading them too. I feel silly posting a comment when I'm only echoing what 10 others have already said. But, just so you know, Bluebird-I'm thrilled for your wonderful new bundle of joy, Meg-Hooray on your successful cycle & your frozen potential, IFOptimist-I admire your strength and ability to keep surviving and thriving as each day brings you closer to your healthy girls!

As for me, I find myself in my 32 week! Can you believe it?? I've passed my GD test with flying colors (never thought that would happen as diabetes runs in my family) and everyone is healthy and happy. Well, mostly happy... I have to admit that carrying these enormous babies is starting to wear me down a bit. If only Little Boy would keep his legs out of my ribs... I'm worried that I'm either going to hurt him or break a rib trying to get comfortable!! It is pretty amazing that they are both growing so well still, both are above 90%! Last appointment (on Monday) Little Boy was 5lbs9oz and Little Girl was 4lbs6oz. I'm so close to my goal of both reaching 5 lbs by birth! (I'm actually a little nervous about how much more they might possibly grow...)

It's probably another month until I get to see them for the first time. We're almost completely ready (I'm sure I've forgotten a million things, but that's what online shopping is for!!) and I just can't wait. I'm so ready to have them and hold them and never sleep again... Haha... Come'on little ones, I'm ready for you!!


  1. Puttering around the house sounds so nice! I hope you continue to enjoy it. So happy to hear everything is going well for you and the babies :) Not long now! Congrats on passing the GD test! That's wonderful to not have to worry about GD.

  2. Hey,

    I'm so happy for you. Continue to update us on this exciting time!

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  3. Oh M! I'm so sorry I'm late in posting here.

    It's so good to read an update from you! And I'm thrilled that you and the babies are well. You're so close to the finish line! What a sweet day that will be.

    And thanks so much for the shout-out! =)